We are the developers of Simply Intelligent Apps.
Passionate about building innovative and user-friendly mobile apps, our team of skilled developers and designers work tirelessly to create Intelligent Apps that simplify and enhance mobile experience.
Whether you need a translator app to break language barriers, a GPS navigation app to find your way, or a weather app to stay prepared, we have you covered.
With our cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies, we constantly strive to improve the functionality, accuracy and efficiency.
Explore our range of apps today and experience the future of mobile technology.


Discover our flagship solutions:


1. Mobilisize Neural Machine Translation (MNMT) MNMT utilizes artificial neural networks to enhance the fluency and accuracy of translation apps, making communication effortless.


2. Mobilisize Speech & Image Recognition (MSIR) MSIR empowers our translation apps by enabling Voice and Text-From-Image translation, ensuring seamless language communication.


3. Mobilisize Media Production and Sorting Processes (MPSP) MPSP is a robust system that efficiently aggregates content and verifies data pools, providing the backbone for our News Apps.


4. Mobilisize Position Correction (MPC) MPC optimizes GPS navigation apps by employing dynamic data collection and manipulation techniques for pinpoint-accurate positioning.


5. Mobilisize Weather Prediction (MWP) MWP is a data-driven system that significantly enhances our Weather Apps’ real-time weather predictions by processing vast data sets from multiple meteorological sources.


Experience the future of intelligent applications with our Simply Intelligent Apps

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