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Developers of Simply Intelligent Mobile Apps

What we do?

We build native iOS apps under our own brand of “Simply Intelligent Apps”.

We develop and implement AI & Machine learning technologies to advance our apps functionality and increase accuracy and efficiency.

Mobilisize Neural Machine Translation (MNMT) is a system that uses an artificial neural network to increase fluency and accuracy in translator apps.

Mobilisize Speech & Image Recognition (MSIR) is a system that empowers our translator apps with Voice and Text-From-Image translation.

Mobilisize Media Production and Sorting Processes (MPSP) is a system that gathers content and verifies data pools for our News Apps.

Mobilisize Position Correction (MPC) is a system that enhances our GPS navigation apps by using dynamic data collection and manupulation to deliver more accurate positioning.

Mobilisize Weather Prediction (MWP) is a system that enhances our Weather Apps by manipulating vast data sets from multiple meteorology sources and improve the accuracy of real-time weather predictions.

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