Q: What is MobiliSize?
A: The fast and easy way to make mobile pages.

Q: Is this a free tool?
A: MobiliSize is offered for free for a limited time.

Q: I already have a web site. How can I integrate my mobile pages to my existing website?
A: We can provide you with a simple script that you can put inside of your index page on your website which directs visitors with mobile devices to your MobiliSize page automatically.

Q: Can you help me build my mobile page?
A: You can create mobile pages easily with MobiliSize's free tool but if you need
our help and would like assistance to help you edit or develop mobile pages, it can be arranged for a fee. (please contact us).

Q: What devices are compatible with MobiliSize?
A: Most mobile devices and smart phones function smoothly on MobiliSize pages. iPhones in particular are the best match since MobiliSize primary themes are dedicated to iPhones.

Q: Can I re-edit a mobile page?
A: You can re-edit a page/URL at the time of creation only, and after deleting the original URL. If you don't delete the page/URL, you must choose another URL address for your page.

Q: How many mobile pages can I create?
A: You may create as many mobile pages as you like, but you must choose a different URL address for each one.
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